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We design and build stunningly fresh websites for schools
More than just good looking - They are fabulously easy for school staff to edit.

We build HYBRID websites
The best of design with the best of user managed content.

The problem with so many off-the-shelf CMS (content management system) websites is that they look so templated, and very often do not display the school content in an admirable way - and they are a pain to "learn how to use" and to actually use.

Our websites look nothing like the usual offerings, and a dream for each teacher to edit their own pages.

Take a look at one of our comprehensive websites:

- Wow! at the home page
- check out their Calendar page
- look at the News page and marvel at how well they do photo presentations

So just HOW easy is it to maintain ? - contact us and we'll give you the link to our demo school website and you can take it for a test drive. If you have used any content management system, prepare to be blown away with how simple ours is to use.

contact us NOW

Networks, Security & Wi-Fi

We design and devise rather excellent wi-fi networks. Fully wired Access Points or Mesh systems, what ever is the most appropriate. Split the system, so students and staff appear on different networks.

NO PORN. Yes, that's right we can filter any content you desire, so, no porn, no drugs or gambling sites, or whatever you need to filter, even block social networks. Our Filter service works on New and OLD networks and we are approved by Friendly WiFi

yes - you can add our filtering service to your existing installation.

p.s. we can also offer "intrusion detection and prevention" protection to your network

(more detailed info will appear here very soon, but feel free to contact us if you can't wait )